‘Sergei manages with one question or one movement to feedback my blind spots to me, without letting me escape from it.’ (Thomas)

‘My experience with Sergei was very warm. His guidance was very professional and effective. He was not only aware of my tiniest movements and changes but he could give mirror them to me in a caring way. His sessions always felt like a warm bath, because he created an atmosphere of safety and trust without losing the focus of the purposeful learning.’  (Francine)

‘Sergei welcomes you with love and care for your deepest wound and longing. He accepts you exactly as you are. In his powerful guidance, he is searching for a deep connection with you where everything has its right to be. Honest and without judgment. This opens ways for healing wounds.’ (Anna)

‘In my sessions with Sergei, I experienced him as a caring and professional coach. He had the guts to guide me in my search for my pain, grief and healing. It was tense and comforting at the same time, and I gained new insights.’  (Janny)

‘Sergei looks and asks questions; he brings to light what was hidden and helps unravel what was confused. He embraces you the way you are and creates a safe space for intense contact. Each session I made a new discovery and a new way to get in touch with my deepest pain or rage. His guidance is tangible, sharp, at times confrontational but comforting at the same time. I am very thankful to him for the work on my anger, shame, grief and the rediscovery of my longings. I have regained my self-confidence and power.’  (Anna)

‘Sergei is highly sensitive. He manages to connect to you and to touch you on a hidden layer of your soul. At the same time his guidance is thorough. He dares to touch where it hurts but in such a way that it can heal. He invests himself in the relationship and shows his vulnerable side. He is a therapist who can create a safe and comforting environment where you can let down your defenses and rest.’  (Mathilde)

‘Working with Sergei is an eye-opener. He combines his powerful and soft sides so that the relationship grows richly to benefit you as a client and to help you get new insights. He is a master at combining various techniques and schools, such as NLP, Transactional Analysis and Systemic works.’ (Clemens)

‘Sergei works with you in a nice, warm, serious and powerful manner based on honest contact and caring attitude. He is daring in identifying the most important and naming it. This is very valuable.’ (Ronald)

‘Sergei guided and supported me with his inner wisdom and his own experiences. He helped me to gain new insights and guided me to a spot in my life and work, from which I reap the benefits every day’. (Annebet)

‘Sergei works in his own unique way: he observes you with his whole heart and body; he keeps surprising you with his questions; they offer new insights and meaningful learning. He doesn’t shy away from asking these questions though he is stepping on thin ice. He is sharp and caring at the same time, and has a real gift of ‘soft power’. He is very aware of a larger picture and your steps in the process of learning and his own contribution. He is a very special person: intense, honest, friendly and of integrity.’  (Carin)

*All testimonials are genuine and references are available upon request.