At your disposal
When I work with you, you come first. This is about you, your question, your story and your needs. I will provide a safe space for you to tell your story or just have a breather. I will apply my knowledge and experience to determine your condition, to relieve your symptoms or to refer you to a capable specialist when necessary.

Your story
Please get in touch to share your story. Call or email me, even if your question is not entirely clear. Call or email me, if you simply have a feeling that there is just something not right. No one but you knows how it feels inside of you. Call me, write to me and come along. 

Personal relationship
My work will start with personal contact. This is indispensable. We will work on a relationship. It means connecting to each other, opening up and exploring boundaries. I believe therapy is successful only if it takes place in the area of personal connection. Only in a close personal relationship does it acquire value and meaning.

Our relationship will require cooperation and will be contractual. The contract defines the nature of our collaboration and respective contributions. We each take responsibility for our role in the process.  To achieve tangible results one generally needs five to ten sessions. We will evaluate our collaboration periodically and at the end.

Safety and Challenge
I provide a safe environment for you to open up and explore. You will feel at ease and confidant to speak your mind. You will feel comforted and accepted. I will invite you to share anything. I will not judge nor criticize. When the time is ripe, I will help you explore new perspectives and help you grow. You will do it at your own pace. I invite and support you to explore, experiment, - where necessary - to rest, grieve and reflect.

Insight and Acting Out
I will guide and support you in understanding your condition, unravelling your patterns of behaviour and thought, and identifying your constraints. I will guide you in setting new goals for the future and embracing new experiences. We work together on new insights. However, I strongly believe that new insights do not help unless reinforced by acting out.