Depression can manifest itself in many ways. You can feel empty inside. What once was colourful has become dull and grey. What used to excite you suddenly leaves you indifferent. It feels like sense and sensuality are abandoning you. You lose sleep. You feel tired. You lash out at people without apparent cause. Do I have a problem? Or will it pass?

The pressure from outside seems to build up. The abyss on the inside seems to deepen.  You suddenly find yourself lonely and disconnected in this grey wasteland. You might retreat temporarily, or you might find solace in activities such as gambling, collecting, shopping, drinking or taking drugs.

Depression can often be accompanied by the following symptoms:
-    weight fluctuations
-    sleep disturbances
-    persistent fatigue
-    feelings of guilt and inferiority.

Anxiety can also have different manifestations. You may feel anxious to meet new people of have new experiences. You can excessively worry about your children or loved ones. Alternatively, it can assume larger scale. You may get caught up in building the worst case scenarios and/or have panic attacks. Anxieties can severely disrupt our lives.

Additionally, anxiety is often accompanied by physical inconveniences such as
-    hyperventilation
-    profuse sweating
-    heart palpitations
-    high blood pressure.

The causes for depression and anxiety are often indicative of some 'unfinished business' in the past or a block in the present. The key to resolve this lies inside of you.

If any of this rings true with your own experience, contact me. Together we will work on the underlying causes so that you come to terms with these conditions.