Once you decide to get professional help a further decision needs to be made, namely, what kind of professional assistance to seek.  What best suits my needs – coaching or therapy?  

There is plenty of confusion about these terms. Both offer professional personal guidance to facilitate change and transformation. Here is something to help you out.

Coaching targets a concrete issue in your professional development. You might experience hurdles you want to get over. For example, you might have difficulty with or tend to avoid some chores such as public speaking, chairing a meeting or handling confrontation. Coaching examines these barriers. You can learn where they come from and how to overcome them. As a result, you expand your professional skills and improve your career prospects.

Coaching can help you overcome your difficulties with

-    job interviews and negotiations
-    public speaking and presentations
-    conflict management
-    persuasion and debating
-    influence people
-    managing big projects and teams
-    networking

Therapy targets a problem in a broader personal context. There is something that interferes with our lives. You can have a persistent feeling of being stuck, trapped or feel like you are drowning. You may feel depressed, experience fatigue or insomnia that leaves you exhausted and disconnected. People can become engulfed in conflicts and see no way out. Alternatively, you may have a secret addiction that takes control of your life or mysterious aches and pains with no apparent medical explanation. Therapy looks into these problems so that you can get rid of them. It helps you to understand what is happening to you, to come to term with it and learn to cope with future challenges.

Change to empower and heal
Therapy offers your more. It empowers and enables you to live and enjoy your life again. A therapist works with patterns and mechanisms of your personality, which are not immediately accessible. In therapy you learn about your personality structure, your defence mechanisms and behaviour patterns. It will help you understand what makes you – you and make changes. In the long run, therapy and counselling facilitate emotional, psychological and sometimes spiritual healing.

Therapy Barcelona can you help you deal with the following personal issues and psychological conditions:

-    Coping with emigration
-    Grief counselling
-    Coping with disease or psychosomatic complaints
-    Burnout and stress management
-    Coping with depression or anxiety
-    Coping with addictive behaviour
-    Relationship counselling
-    Sexuality and Identity issues
-    Group Therapy and Workshops for personal growth

Have you got questions? What does a therapist do? What kind of guidance do I need? What is my condition? What treatment will help me? These are all legitimate questions. You are welcome to explore these with me during your first consultation, which is free of charge.