Getting professional help sometimes proves to be a difficult step. We feel inhibited by doubts and out-dated beliefs. The following may help you to see things in a new light.

Inner struggle – all alone
There is something bothering you. You have just suffered a traumatic experience, or you are facing some challenges.  Perhaps you feel torn inside or empty. Perhaps you just have a vague feeling that there is something wrong, but you can’t describe it. But it is there and you are wondering if it is real or just your self-preoccupation. Do I have a problem? Should I get professional help or should I cope alone?

When we experience psychological problems, they arise in our inner realm. No one else can tell what exactly is going on. It is difficult to figure this out alone.   

Yet, the mere idea of getting help often causes emotional turmoil. It incites anxiety and a feeling of failure. (How did I get this far? Where did I fail?) It triggers resistance. (Come on, can’t I cope on my own? Aren’t I strong enough?) It also immediately invites doubt. (How bad is it actually? Do I really need therapy?)

This emotional turmoil causes us to stop short of making that call. We are inclined to engage in endless debate inside our head. We get caught up in old-fashioned beliefs and preconceptions - in the end feeling lonely, burdened and isolated.

Therapist - your witness and guide
You don’t have to undergo this struggle alone. Call me or send an email. It only takes a minute. You can come to see me and we can talk about it – free of charge. I will offer a sympathetic ear and a professional eye to consider your symptoms and advise you on possible treatments. You can see me as a witness and as your guide.

Consider therapy a new chance to learn and develop. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. This learning experience will make you a more resilient and happier person. It will substantially increase the quality of your life.