Coaching for professional success

What matters
It is not only your degree and technical expertise that help you advance in your career.  In practice it is often other skills and abilities that play an important role: the way you present yourself, the way you voice your opinion, the way you manage to win over people or deal with conflicts. 

Most of us learn at school how to gain knowledge and use it. We learn maths, writing and history facts. We tend to apply the same strategy on the work floor. We show our knowledge of facts and procedures. However, it is not that knowledge alone that makes a difference. In your career and business, it is also your charisma, your flair, your attitude, your personality and personal history.

Your personality as an asset
Coaching helps you understand your hang-ups and re(dis)cover all assets of your personality. This will help you learn your needs, your blind spots and your shadow. You will discover new resources for challenging tasks you used to avoid. You can even learn to enjoy them.

In coaching you learn how to apply your ‘whole personality’ to achieve better results. Make the most of your personality to become a better networker, better manager or better leader.

Enquiry, experiment and support
In order to achieve that, coach will provide professional guidance to explore, reflect and experiment. Insights alone do not help. You will need to bring new skills into practice and reflect on effects. The coach provides insights and instruments for change and reflection. The coach offers necessary competent support along the way.

What to expect after a coaching program:

- reduce stress and tension while speaking in public
- achieve better results in negotiations
- experience more comfort in leadership positions 

- effectively dealing with conflict and tension

- more confidence during job interviews

- initiate and withstand confrontation in a constructive way
- exercise effective influence on others

- raise your profile in your team or organization
- overcome fear of failure